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Artifact #2 - The Roman Scourge

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Artifact #2 - The Roman Scourge
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Christ Suffered Large Amounts of Scourging by Roman Soldiers in Their Dislike for Him

The Roman Scourge


            Roman scourging whips are still perhaps one of the most painful instruments of torture known to man.  Invented thousands of years ago, one as never been found due to the natural deterioration that would take place in the leather parts.  The only way to even begin reproducing one is by trial and error, based on what is known about these weapons.  It is known that on the tips of these whips were nails, glass shards, and jagged sheep bone.  These were attached form the three to twelve different strips of leather that made the scourge.  The glass, nails, and bone were embedded in a fashion that they would not break, thus rendering the whip useless.  


Reproduced whips have horrifying effects on cardboard and plastic.  Each stroke of the reproduced whips can leave up to twenty-five different wounds.  These whips however are made of basic materials available to any Roman who chooses to build one.  The effects may be worse if the whip was made of harder metals or sharper materials.


Effects of such whips are devastating to the skin.  The tear apart the flesh and rip open underlying veins and arteries.  So effective are these whips that medical historians believe the very ribcage of a person would be visible through the skin after a scourging.  In addition, blood loss might be fatal.  It is recorded that some people did not survive the standard thirty-nine lashes that were usually given to the victims.  If they did not survive the initial lashings, long term recovery is unlikely.  The sheer volume of open wounds left the body prone to infection.  Most people would die within two to three days.  Romans usually insured infection by dipping their scourges in goat’s blood.  Overall, this torture device is the gateway to one of the most horrific, painful, and slow deaths known to man.

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